QuipTake and Pandemic Theatre Present Daughter at SummerWorks

photography by Alejandro Santiago

I need to tell you some stories about myself.  You’ll like these stories. Some of them…

Maybe they will remind you of someone you know.
Maybe yourself.
I’ve done some things.
Bad things. Horrible things. Man things.
But, now I’m a father. I have a daughter.
So that’s all behind me…



From the distorted minds that brought audiences The Art of Building a Bunker, Bleed, and Wonderland, comes Daughter, a one-man show that explores the true-bouffon style: stories that expose and laugh at the hypocrisies and difficulties of the human experience.

In the liminal space between truth and fiction, writer/performer Adam Lazarus’ twists the knife in our dirty little secrets. Are we defined by our past? Where do we draw the line? Can we forgive, despite an inability to forget?

Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr (2012 Gina Wilkinson Prize) and performed by master clown Adam Lazarus (2010 SummerWorks Spotlight Award), Daughter examines the beauty and horror of men raised in a patriarchal society having to come face-to-face with their new identity as patriarchs.

Can they evolve? Can they repent? Can they change?

Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr; Written by Adam Lazarus; Created by Adam Lazarus, Ann-Marie Kerr, Jiv Parasram and Melissa D’Agosinto; Co-direction by Melissa D’Agostino and Jiv Parasram; Performed by Adam Lazarus; Sound Design by Richard Feren; Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay; Movement and Choreography by Kate Alton; Produced by QuipTake and Pandemic Theatre.

Curator’s Note

“Watching an early version of this piece, I laughed like a maniac, then wondered what I was laughing at; felt embarrassed (for myself, then for Adam), wondered if I’d been deceived, and, finally, came away with a host of questions about who we are as men, as adults, as parents, and filled with respect for Adam’s bravery and artistry.” – Guillermo Verdecchia

Factory Theatre Studio – 125 Bathurst Street

Ticket Price: $15 – Book Now
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Thursday August 4th 10:00 PM – 11:15 PM
Saturday August 6th 5:15 PM – 6:30 PM
Sunday August 7th 10:15 PM – 11:30 PM
Monday August 8th 9:00 PM – 10:15 PM
Friday August 12th 10:30 PM – 11:45 PM
Saturday August 13th 10:30 PM – 11:45 PM
Sunday August 14th 6:45 PM – 8:00 PM

Secret Project – Building a Monster or Talking to daughters…

Prune Nourry's 108 Terracotta Daughters

Prune Nourry’s 108 Terracotta Daughters

On Monday December 7, 2015, I’ll be stepping into a studio and working with a number of different artists to generate material to show to the public on December 12, 2015.

The outcome… I’m not sure.

A new work performed by me in collaboration with various artists.

As with any QuipTake production, the show promises to provoke and jostle. It’ll be funny and not.

There will be bourbon.

Why? Come to the show.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be sharing images, and ideas related to the piece.

That’s it. What more do you need to know? It is a secret project after all…

The collaborators will be revealed in time.

Saturday, December 12, 8pm.

This is a PWYC event with a cash bourbon bar.

Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement, Toronto

Keep in the loop:
twitter: @adlazarus

Performance Intensive – Toronto

For the first time in 3 years I’m teaching a performance week.  These were always very popular and the timing is finally right again!
December 7-12, 2015
10am-3pm + performances on the 12th at 4pm and 8pm.
A 6 day performance intensive led by Adam Lazarus and guest instructors.
This course focuses on the generation and refining of material. Starting with the question, ‘what’s on your mind?‘ and ending with created plays, character monologues, turns, dialogues, or readings that are ready for initial public viewing.

The goal is for these pieces to be in the pocket of the students for future development and presentation.

Each day, the time will be split into two streams – teaching and performance.

Teaching: We will explore the forms of jeu, clown, bouffon, character and melodrama. Students will be led through various improvisations and movement exercises to inspire scenes, characters and storylines.
Performance: Students will offer ideas for performance that will be worked on and refined.
On the final day of classes, there will be 2 public showings of the week’s generated material. Showings are PWYC with money going back to the students.
Designed for professional and pre-professional actors, dancers, writers, critical thinkers and physical performers. You don’t need to come with a finished idea or any idea at all – just a desire to create and present in a collaborative environment.
Monday to Saturday, December 7-12, 10am-3pm.
Saturday December 12, Public showing at 4pm and 8pm.
Please allow 2 to 3 hours of extra time daily outside of class for rehearsal.
$500/$400 for CAEA/union affiliated/teachers/previous students
Showings are PWYC with money going back to the students.
$100 deposit required to hold a spot.
Bursaries available.
Small class size.
Sign up early.
Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement, Toronto
To reserve a spot:
email: adlazarus(at)rogers(dot)com
Adam Lazarus is an internationally celebrated artist and acting instructor across Canada, the USA and in Europe. He is a sessional instructor at The National Theatre School of Canada and a regular facilitator of workshops for many of Canada’s top musicians, theatre and film makers. He was the co-founder and artistic-director of the Toronto Festival of Clowns for it’s first 10 years and a graduate of École Philippe Gaulier.

January 2015, I’m teaching at Pig Iron Theatre in Philadelphia

Pig Iron Presents

Bouffon Physical Performance Workshop
with Toronto’s Adam Lazarus

Join us for a weekend intensive Bouffon workshop with Toronto’s award-winning Adam Lazarus. Take the plunge into a world of hypocrisy, razor-sharp mockery, physical precision and the satirical world of the bouffon.

This workshop is designed for both professional and pre-professional actors, dancers, writers, critical thinkers and physical performers, wishing to increase their performance palette. Working in the tradition of French Master Teachers Philippe Gaulier and Jacques Lecoq, the forefathers of physical theatre, this weekend course will challenge students to take risks, hone their improvisational skills and push through performance inhibitions.  The workshop aims to help actors find the pleasure of being present and the utter joys in mocking the sacred and critiquing the people and institutions who have power and influence and who set the rules for how society should function.

The bouffons travel in gangs and emerge out of the ghettos and swamps to look at and confront the mainstream world, to poke it and to unveil hypocrisy in all its forms.  A study of the bouffon ideally leads toward play, hilarity and incendiary critiques. It is with the performer’s pleasure to move, to sing, to cry and to dance, that the audience is drawn in and the performer’s beauty is pushed out. Games and exercises are used to discover students’ pleasure to play and mock social deceptions while simultaneously making audiences love you.

Bouffon creation techniques are extremely useful for performers in all disciplines, especially those with a wicked sense of humor. Adam Lazarus is an award-winning actor, director and acting instructor.  He regularly teaches at Canada’s National Theatre School as well as the University of Toronto.  He was a former apprentice to Philippe Gaulier with whom he also studied.  Adam is the Artistic Director of the Toronto Festival of Clowns.



Friday, January 16 7-10pm

Saturday, January 17, 2015 10am-5pm (with one hour lunch break)
Sunday, January 18, 2015 – 10am-5pm (with one hour lunch break)


Pig Iron Theatre School of Advanced Performance Training
The Crane Old School

1417 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA


$175.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a spot.

A limited number of spaces are available. Register now.


Press release for Bunker

Season-1415-Webpage-BannersFor Immediate Release: September 8, 2014 • Please include in your listings/announcements

Factory Theatre and QuipTake present
Written by Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia
WARNING:  A play about sensitivity training that is anything but sensitive

On Stage October 11 to November 2, 2014

Factory Theatre launches its 45th season with the main stage world premiere of THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER in partnership with QuipTake. This one-man tour-de-force is co-written and directed by Guillermo Verdecchia and co-written and starring Adam Lazarus. First seen in 2013 at SummerWorks Festival, the show was heralded by Torontoist.com, The Grid, BlogTO and Artvox.ca as one of the best of the Festival, as well as named Best of the Fest for Outstanding Production, Performance and Direction by NOW Magazine.

THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER is a viciously funny and tragic story recounting a week in the life of your average Elvis as he endures mandatory workplace sensitivity training. Elvis finds himself surrounded by a group of characters that is diversely bizarre and bizarrely diverse, all portrayed by Adam Lazarus with a sharp wit and comic genius. THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER is an equal opportunity satire where nothing is sacred and no one is spared.

Guillermo Verdecchia is a director, playwright, dramaturge, and reluctant actor. He is the recipient of the Governor-General’s Award for Drama for his play Fronteras Americanas and a four-time winner of the Chalmers Canadian Play Award. His work, which includes the Governor General shortlisted Noam Chomsky Lectures (with Daniel Brooks), the Adventures of Ali & Ali (with Marcus Youssef and Camyar Chai), and Another Country, has been anthologized, translated into Spanish and Italian, and produced in Europe and the US. He is a Resident Artist at Soulpepper where he heads New Play Development.

Adam Lazarus is an award winning actor, director, and acting instructor and graduate of L’École Phillipe Gaulier. He is faculty at The National Theatre School of Canada and the Artistic Director of the Toronto Festival of Clowns. Notable credits include, The Solo Show Project at the National Theatre School of Canada (2009-13); The Lupe Trilogy (QuipTake); Bleed (QuipTake); [boxhead] (Crow’s Theatre/ Mammalian Diving Reflex);  Wonderland  (QuipTake); Le Fain de Partie (Waves Festival/Luminato Festival); Appetite  (Volcano/Theatre Passe Muraille/ Exchange Rate Collective); Tyumen, Then (Groundwater Productions); and Terminus (Outside The March).

QuipTake produces startling new works that engage audiences through bouffon and clown styles. Often heralded as political meets comic, the works of QuipTake are challenging, entertaining and relevant. THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER is a Factory Theatre and QuipTake partnership. 

FACTORY THEATRE and QuipTake present
Created and Written by Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia
Directed by Guillermo Verdecchia • Starring Adam Lazarus
Set and Costume Designs by Camellia Koo
Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay • Sound Design by Richard Feren
Factory Theatre, 125 Bathurst Street (at Adelaide)

Run Dates: October 11 to November 2, 2014 • Opening Night: Thursday, October 16, 2014 @ 8pm
MEDIA NIGHT: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 @ 8pm
Tuesday – Saturday @ 8pm • Sundays @ 2pm

Ticket prices range from $23-$45 (plus applicable service charges) and can be purchased by calling 416.504.9971 or online at www.factorytheatre.ca

Student/Senior/Arts Worker discounts and limited Pay-What-You-Can Sunday Matinee tickets also available

Media Contact: FLIP PUBLICITY, 416.533.7710 • www.flip-publicity.com @Flip_Publicity
Ashley Belmer X253 ashley@flip-publicity.com or Carrie Sager X224, carrie@flip-publicity.com

Download Press Release here:

Summer 2014 in pictures

9th Annual Toronto Festival of Clowns


Red Nose Does Date Night


9 years strong

Wrecking Ball – Nigeria 287


Giacomo Sellar as ‘The Mime’ in Nigeria 287


Adam Lazarus and Elizabeth Anacleto as ‘The Anchors’ in Nigeria 287

SummerWorks 2014 with Linnea Swan and Light Fires

The Review Project with Linnea Swan

The Review Project with Linnea Swan

Light Fires in 'Do I have to do everything my f$&*ing self?'

Light Fires in ‘Do I Have To Do Everything My F$&*ing Self?’

MindBody/Authentic Movement with Tedi Tafel, 2013

Trajectory Field, Antony Gromley


Week 1: Monday June 24- Saturday June 29, 10am-1pm

Week 2: Monday July 1 – Friday July 5, 10am-1pm


1 week for $350 ($280 – CAEA, CADA, ACTRA, previous students and other Unions)
2 weeks for $625 ($500 – CAEA, CADA, ACTRA, previous students and other Unions)
Payment plans and bursaries available

These 2 one week workshops will investigate the body’s capacity for expression, communication and creativity, through the bringing together of two very different, yet complimentary, physical practices: Mind/Body training and Authentic Movement.

MB begins with form and looks to find the life inside that shapes it (sensation, intention, and perception). AM starts with impulse and explores the pathway into form. Seemingly opposite in approach their common goal is to create access and openness in the performing body. In combination, they provoke the individual towards new terrain. What happens when these different ways of being meet and collide? How do they feed each other, how might they inspire freedom from obstruction, availability, transformation and creativity? While the workshop is geared for performers, in the spirit of inquiry we invite practitioners from diverse disciplines to join us. The aim is to incite a rich and fertile investigation.

Tedi Tafel’s teaching of Mind/Body training is based on the research of Japanese Butoh dancer Min Tanaka. MB is an energetic, dynamic workout that re-examines the mental structures and physical habits that can inhibit the potential state of the individual. Here we rigorously explore the body as a site of transformation while developing strength, stamina, support, precision and abandon.

Authentic Movement:
Authentic Movement is a self-directed practice of embodying internal impulse. The body is seen as subject, to be attended to, listened to, with its own stories, intelligence, perceptions and experiences. As we learn to suspend judgment and analytical thinking, a more receptive attitude is adopted. At the heart of the practice is the willingness to surrender to the experience of the moment. Giving up controlling, directing, censoring and deciding, we enter a realm that is unplanned, without goal, unpredictable and often surprising, one that invites direct experience of personal and creative truth.

Contact Adam Lazarus at adlazarus(at)rogers(dot)com

Week 1: Monday June 24- Saturday June 29, 10am-1pm
Week 2: Monday July 1 – Friday July 5, 10am-1pm

1 week for $350 ($280 – CAEA, CADA, ACTRA, previous students and other Unions)
2 weeks for $625 ($500 – CAEA, CADA, ACTRA, previous students and other Unions)

Tedi Tafel is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Montreal. She makes site-specific performance events that blend movement, sound, video and architecture and challenge the dictates of the cityscape in terms of how we perceive our surroundings and how we habitually move inside them. For her, the body is the very site and vehicle of direct experience and movement is an entranceway into the deeper layers of what it is to be human. She has been greatly influenced by her studies in Japan with Butoh masters Min Tanaka and Kazuo Ohno and her long-term work with Authentic Movement pioneers Janet Alder and Judith Koltai. Over the past 20 years, her work as an artist has been presented across Canada, in Europe, Iceland and New York. Since 1994 she has taught a generation of actors and playwrights at the National Theatre School of Canada. She has also facilitated workshops across the country and at the Stratford Festival and Playwrights Workshop in Montreal.

SummerWorks, here we come!

A dangerI, Racist (working title), has been accepted into the 2013 SummerWorks Theatre Festival.

Stay tuned for news.
For now, listen to this: Music to buy time

And read this:

I, Racist (working title), is the story of a man who is seemingly functional in the world, but viciously dangerous in the comfort of his basement. Below the façade of his middle class home, lurks a darkness, only exposed to the subterranean concrete and brick. This kind of man is dangerous. He publically tolerates people, but privately doesn’t accept them. He is beautifully and grotesquely human.

By: Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia
Director: Guillermo Verdecchia
Performer: Adam Lazarus
Lighting: Michelle Ramsay
Set and Costume: Camellia Koo
Sound: Richard Feren