Daughter at the Kick and Push Festival, August 2017


Created by Adam Lazarus, Ann-Marie Kerr, Melissa D’Agostino, Jiv Parasram, Michelle Ramsay, Richard Feren

Photo by Matt Campagna-50024

After our wildly successful run in Romania, Daughter returns to Canada for a 3 night run at the Kick and Push festival in Kingston, ON.  This will be your last chance to see the show before it returns to Toronto in the late Fall of 2017.

Here’s all the information about the festival, and how to get tickets:  https://www.kingstongrand.ca/event/daughter

See you there!

Daughter examines the beauty and horror of men raised in a patriarchal society having to come face-to-face with their new identity as patriarchs. Can they evolve? Can they repent? Can they change? This will be the scariest show you see all year, as dangerously engaging (and genuinely funny) as it is brutally visceral.

**This performance contains subject matter and language that may be considered offensive or disturbing to some patrons.


$17.70 plus HST and handling fee


Venue: Grand Theatre, on Regina Rosen Stage
3 Aug 2017 9:30 PM
4 Aug 2017 9:30 PM
5 Aug 2017 9:30 PM

photography by Alejandro Santiago

QuipTake and Pandemic Theatre Present Daughter at SummerWorks

photography by Alejandro Santiago

I need to tell you some stories about myself.  You’ll like these stories. Some of them…

Maybe they will remind you of someone you know.
Maybe yourself.
I’ve done some things.
Bad things. Horrible things. Man things.
But, now I’m a father. I have a daughter.
So that’s all behind me…



From the distorted minds that brought audiences The Art of Building a Bunker, Bleed, and Wonderland, comes Daughter, a one-man show that explores the true-bouffon style: stories that expose and laugh at the hypocrisies and difficulties of the human experience.

In the liminal space between truth and fiction, writer/performer Adam Lazarus’ twists the knife in our dirty little secrets. Are we defined by our past? Where do we draw the line? Can we forgive, despite an inability to forget?

Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr (2012 Gina Wilkinson Prize) and performed by master clown Adam Lazarus (2010 SummerWorks Spotlight Award), Daughter examines the beauty and horror of men raised in a patriarchal society having to come face-to-face with their new identity as patriarchs.

Can they evolve? Can they repent? Can they change?

Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr; Written by Adam Lazarus; Created by Adam Lazarus, Ann-Marie Kerr, Jiv Parasram and Melissa D’Agosinto; Co-direction by Melissa D’Agostino and Jiv Parasram; Performed by Adam Lazarus; Sound Design by Richard Feren; Lighting Design by Michelle Ramsay; Movement and Choreography by Kate Alton; Produced by QuipTake and Pandemic Theatre.

Curator’s Note

“Watching an early version of this piece, I laughed like a maniac, then wondered what I was laughing at; felt embarrassed (for myself, then for Adam), wondered if I’d been deceived, and, finally, came away with a host of questions about who we are as men, as adults, as parents, and filled with respect for Adam’s bravery and artistry.” – Guillermo Verdecchia

Factory Theatre Studio – 125 Bathurst Street

Ticket Price: $15 – Book Now
Save with a Pass
Thursday August 4th 10:00 PM – 11:15 PM
Saturday August 6th 5:15 PM – 6:30 PM
Sunday August 7th 10:15 PM – 11:30 PM
Monday August 8th 9:00 PM – 10:15 PM
Friday August 12th 10:30 PM – 11:45 PM
Saturday August 13th 10:30 PM – 11:45 PM
Sunday August 14th 6:45 PM – 8:00 PM

Secret Project – Building a Monster or Talking to daughters…

Prune Nourry's 108 Terracotta Daughters

Prune Nourry’s 108 Terracotta Daughters

On Monday December 7, 2015, I’ll be stepping into a studio and working with a number of different artists to generate material to show to the public on December 12, 2015.

The outcome… I’m not sure.

A new work performed by me in collaboration with various artists.

As with any QuipTake production, the show promises to provoke and jostle. It’ll be funny and not.

There will be bourbon.

Why? Come to the show.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be sharing images, and ideas related to the piece.

That’s it. What more do you need to know? It is a secret project after all…

The collaborators will be revealed in time.

Saturday, December 12, 8pm.

This is a PWYC event with a cash bourbon bar.

Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement, Toronto

Keep in the loop:
twitter: @adlazarus


12109238_10205379186060819_4597792348282262011_nLOVE ME FOREVER

A new play written and performed by Jesse LaVercombe

Jan 5 — 12, 2016
187 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5T 2L4

Directed by Adam Lazarus
Dramaturgy by Guillermo Verdecchia
Music by Jesse LaVercombe and Adrian Shepherd
Sound design by Adrian Shepherd
Design by Shannon Lea Doyle and Kelly Anderson
Stage Managed by Alexa Polenz
Produced by Curtis te Brinke

“I want to tell you about a day. January 31st, 2021. It wasn’t that long ago, I believe.

It was a salient day, at least in North America. I felt it on the Internet and in the weather and in my tummy. It was like the zeitgeist finally saw itself in the mirror, and it wasn’t sure whether to fight or flirt, so it kind of did both and just ate itself. It was a Sunday, clear skies but cold.”

– Hal Tender
(second son of Stella Virginia Tender [former Canadian stage actress, now research assistant in the U. of Guelph’s Post-Audience Theatre Theory and Semiotics Department], younger brother of the one, the only, Billy H. Tender)

Bunker in Vancouver

The Art of Building a Bunker is coming to Vancouver May 27-30 as part of the rEvolver festival.

Tickets and info here:  https://thecultch.com/events/the-art-of-building-a-bunker/


Summer 2014 in pictures

9th Annual Toronto Festival of Clowns


Red Nose Does Date Night


9 years strong

Wrecking Ball – Nigeria 287


Giacomo Sellar as ‘The Mime’ in Nigeria 287


Adam Lazarus and Elizabeth Anacleto as ‘The Anchors’ in Nigeria 287

SummerWorks 2014 with Linnea Swan and Light Fires

The Review Project with Linnea Swan

The Review Project with Linnea Swan

Light Fires in 'Do I have to do everything my f$&*ing self?'

Light Fires in ‘Do I Have To Do Everything My F$&*ing Self?’

The Art of Building a Bunker at Factory Theatre October 16 – November 2, 2014


October 11 – November 2, 2014
Main Stage
A Factory Theatre and Quiptake partnership

The season will launch with the Main Stage premiere of the Summerworks hit, THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER, written and performed by Adam Lazarus and written and directed Guillermo Verdecchia. A play about sensitivity training that is anything but sensitive, THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER is a viciously funny and tragic story recounting an average week in the life of Elvis as he endures mandatory workplace sensitivity training.

Adam Lazarus is an award-winning actor and director, faculty at The National Theatre School of Canada, and the Artistic Director of the Toronto Festival of Clowns. Guillermo Verdecchia is a director, playwright, dramaturge, and reluctant actor. He is the recipient of the Governor-General’s Award for Drama for his play Fronteras Americanas, a four-time winner of the Chalmers Canadian Play Award, and he is a Resident Artist with Soulpepper Theatre where he heads New Play Development.





NOW! recommends Bunker



SummerWorks sizzles

Heading into its 23rd year, the curated festival of cutting-edge works offers 38 local, national and, for the first time, international works. Highlights include a trio of scripts by powerhouse black women writers (Andrea Scott’s Eating Pomegranates Naked, d’bi. young’s nanny: warrior queen of the maroons and Donna Michelle St. Bernard’s Salome’s Clothes) and pieces by native writers (Jani Lauzon’s A Side Of Dreams and SummerWorks fave Cliff Cardinal’s Maria Gets A New Life). Other hot tickets include productions by Jordan Tannahill, Sky Gilbert, the collective Birdtown and Swanville and an intriguing collaboration between Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia. August 8 to 18 at various venues.

by Jon Kaplan

Check out the whole This Summer’s Best article at:



Written and directed by Adam Lazarus
Co-created and performed by Phil Luzi
Lighting design by Michelle Ramsay
Set and blood design by Gillian Gallow

As part of the 33rd annual Rhubarb festival

Meet Norman Shore. Most days Norman is fine, but today he is not. Today, something about Norman is off. Today, he didn’t go to work. Today he stayed at home. Now he is beginning to bleed.


Feb 8 – 19, 2012
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Wed – Sun, Evening Pass $20
Sunday Afternoons, PWYC
One-to-One Performances, PWYC
Mobile Works, FREE
Box Office             416-975-8555

This production could not have been made possible without the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council.