QuipTake presents MindBody/Authentic Movement, A Provocation with Tedi Tafel

QuipTake presents a workshop with Tedi Tafel

MindBody/Authentic Movement, A Provocation
June 25 – June 30, 2012, 10am-1pm
Pia Bouman School for Creative Movement
$350 ($280 for equity members)
*Some bursaries available on a case by case basis – please inquire

For information and registration, contact Adam Lazarus at adlazarus(at)rogers(dot)com or 416-821-3833

Space is limited, so don’t wait too long to reserve your spot.

A 6 day intensive that will investigate the body’s capacity for expression, communication and creativity, through the experience of two radical physical practices: Mind/Body training and Authentic Movement.

A Provocation:
MB begins with form and seeks to find the life inside that shapes it, AM starts with impulse that seeks to find its outward form. Seemingly opposite in approach these 2 practices have the potential to provoke the individual towards new terrain. What happens when these 2 ways of being meet and collide… in a class, in a moment, in a body? How do they feed each other, how might they inspire freedom from obstruction, availability, transformation, creativity? While the workshop is geared for performers, in the spirit of inquiry we invite practitioners from diverse disciplines to join us. The goal is to provoke a rich and fertile investigation.

What is at the centre of the two practices?

Tedi Tafel’s teaching of MindBody training is based on the research of Japanese Butoh dancer Min Tanaka. MB is an energetic, dynamic work-out that re-examines the mental structures and physical habits that can inhibit the potential state of the individual. Here we rigorously explore the body as a site of transformation while developing strength, stamina, precision and abandon.

Authentic Movement:
Authentic Movement is a self-directed practice of embodying internal impulse. Here the body is seen as subject, to be attended to, listened to, with its own stories, intelligence, perceptions and experiences. As we learn to suspend judgment and analytical thinking, a more receptive attitude is adopted. At the heart of the practice is the willingness to surrender to the experience of the moment. Giving up controlling, directing, censoring and deciding, we enter a realm that is unplanned, without goal, unpredictable and often surprising, one that invites direct experience of personal and creative truth.

Tedi Tafel is a choreographer, performer and teacher based in Montreal. As an artist and educator, her understanding of the body and of movement as an expressive form is deeply inspired by extensive studies with Janet Adler and Judith Koltai, eminent teachers of Authentic Movement and her training with Butoh masters Min Tanaka and Kazuo Ohno. Since 1994 she has taught a generation of actors and playwrights at the National Theatre School of Canada. She has also facilitated workshops across the country as well as at the Stratford Festival and Playwrights Workshop in Montreal.